Landon G. Noss

Hands-On Product & Platform Development

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Role: I drive major product and tech inititives across the PlayStation platform. My focus is on strategic Research & Development, focusing on new products and services, prototyping them, and pitching them to senior executives.

Duties: write and present on strategic inititives to senior executives, triage and assist NOC with production issues, mentor and develop individual engineering managers and staff on project design and execution, prototype and present solutions to strategic inititives. Launched PlayStation Now, PS4 4.0 UX update. Reorganized client development to focus on web technologies on-console.

RED Interactive Agency

Role: I was responsible for making sure ambitions were met with the freedom and mentoring for my teams to deliver. My life was consumed with making any blocker for my team disappear, and mentoring staff on how to get ambitious, highly technical work done quickly, and on budget.

Duties: Worked with Strategy, User Experience, and Creative departments to lead technical guidance and architecture for digital engagements for clients such as CBS, FOX, ESPN, Belkin, Ford, BBC, Warner Brothers, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Lionsgate, and more.

TV Plus, LLC

Role: How do you revolutionize watching television? That's the question I was trying to answer with a skeleton crew. Small teams can only do so much, and my primary focus was to figure out how to save time and money through strong architecture, resuable code, and lean process.

Duties: Architecture, Design, and Engineering of award winning social TV production platform and corresponding real time consumer applications for CBS, FOX, Syco Entertainment, Freemantle Media, Canadian Broadcasting Company, and more.

People over Process

I strongly believe in lean processes, enough to answer the question of: "Where are we, what are we doing, and what's coming next?" Developing people aligned with how to be lean and kick ass is critical to success of any software project.

Working Software

I measure my teams by what works, and what doesn't. The count and scale of those things aren't as important, but while the individual can contribute as a member of the team, the team itself -- self organized, quick to respond to change, and collaborative -- is the measurement of success.

Live in the Future

The future is full of riches for those that can look at the present and build whats missing. That's a fun quote, but the key to understanding it is having a keen understanding of the present, and a pragmatic way to convince others the future is worth the work. Keeping the passion alive and burning is a key tenant of building successful organizations.

Phone: 480-233-2654