Landon G. Noss

Hands-On Product & Platform Development

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Role: My role is driven by product research & development targets, focusing on new products and services. I conceptualize, plan and write prototypes, then pitch them to management, leadership, and partners. I also mentor and train engineering managers and engineering staff on project design and execution.

Impact: Awarded 15 patents. Launched PlayStation Now on PS4 in 2015, and on PC in 2016. Shipped PS4 4.0, 4.5 firmware updates. Lead a reorganization of client development to focus on web technologies and best practices on-console. Winter hackathon '17 1st prize.

RED Interactive Agency

Role: I was the department head for all web and mobile development, including unity and flash experiences. I interfaced with Strategy, User Experience, and Creative departments to lead technical guidance and architecture for digital advertising and marketing.

Impact: I handled hiring and coordination for a headcount of 6. Doubled that team in size before I departed. I focused on coaching and mentoring my team to push the envelope. Shipped over 100 consumer experiences for CBS, FOX, ESPN, Belkin, Ford, BBC, Warner Brothers, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Lionsgate, and others.

TV Plus, LLC

Role: Employee #5 for a small, ambitious startup. Doer of what needed done. Managed front end, backend codebases. Database cluster, messaging platforms, and contractor developers for mobile experiences.

Impact: Co-wrote 15 product experiences in 4 years. Designed and scaled a 150,000 concurrent user real time messaging system, and a CMS to power messages on it. Designed and scaled a timezone specific database of daily television programming, along with the audio fingerprinting tools that powered the experience. (think shazam but social television watching).

additional history available on request


I'm a self described polyglot technologist. I'm fluent with C#, Go, Python, and Javascript. I know my way around C and C++ enough to be effective, but they're not my primary language. More experience with MySQL & MongoDB than Postgres, but prefer Postgres. I've written content management systems, monolithic APIs, microservices, serverless data processing streams, and networking stacks for messaging networks. Graphics programming is more fun, especially on the web.


I'm a life-long student. I like to listen before I propose ideas, and think about outcomes. I'd rather push the envelope than play it safe, creatively. Engineering is more of a writing job than a hard science. Good engineers can have reasonable debates. Great engineers do too, but they document things.

How I Approach Work

I am a pragmatist. When I learn how to use a tool, it finds room in my toolbox. I try not to sing a gospel about that tool to others. Libraries are useful, but should be treated like salt, not steak. Always try to test your code, but focus on the interfaces, not the logic. Prepare for failure, starting from catastrophe, all the way up to a minor inconvenience.

Phone: 480-233-2654